Thursday, October 25, 2012

Movie motorcycles

I realize Batman is a timeless piece with no emphasis on a specific time in the future or past. None the less, it is a super hero science fiction movie with a really cool motorcycle. I can also understand that the budget for this film maybe a bit more than others.....

But I am confused on why a production team would skimp a few extra dollars away from a vehicle that is to be driven by a futuristic cop set in 2029. It makes the comparison between these 2 motorcycles seem foolish! Here is a production still of the new Robo cop movie motorcycle. I think OCC or Turtle Designs could have possibly done a better job on this! Its not like the Duke's of hazard  where they use the actual production model for stunts, all that is done CGI now!!

And now a still of the infamous Batman bike!!!

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