Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3 names...Monster Craftsman, Jillian Rossi, and the Smoke Out 14!

As if setting up a booth to display their already well know product line, installation guides and how to seminars at this years Smoke Out in Rockingham were not enough, Monster Craftsman took it up a notch! They have just recently added pin striping seminars to the line up with Jillian Rossi.

"I have a natural ability to communicate and educate," said Jillian. "I'll be sharing my tips and techniques that will keep people riveted whether they are interested in pinstriping for themselves or not."

I myself will probably spending quite a bit of time at the Monster Craftsman booth, spending money and hounding the talent for their trade secrets. Perhaps I can offer up the bike for a class piece!!!! If you were still unsure about attending the event this year, perhaps your mind has been changed! Its not all about entertainment anymore! The seminars Monster Craftsman are putting on is what the Smoke Out is all about!

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